New Orleans is a food loving City. Over 1,200 food serving businesses continue the culture, life, and love of this city, but also produce tons of waste per day, including kitchen waste. FPAC acknowledges the significance of recycling and redistributing food, whether it goes to humans, animals, or compost. 

Our group focuses on shaping policy and creating relationships between people, organizations, and businesses who recycle and re-distribute food surplus in New Orleans. Organizations involve Schmellys, Compost NOW, LifeCity, Food Rescue US - New Orleans, Prosper Preserve Co, Edible School Garden, etc.  

The Food Waste and Recovery Working Group aims to understand and develop efficient and sustainable ways to recycle food in New Orleans.

We hope to achieve this mission by: 

1) Incentivize local food serving businesses to recycle and re-distribute their surplus foods

Understand how other cities have been able to achieve this goal and implement these systems
Identify what organizations are available in order to aid this goal 
Explain the benefits recycling and redistributing food will have on the environment and economics of New Orleans 
Focus in on how to incentivize businesses in the French Quarter on composting / food recycling 
2) analyze and understand the different scales of waste systems in New Orleans 

Identify the ways in which the Department of Sanitation would be able to aid new strategies in recycling food
Strategize how these existing services can shift to implement strategies in recycling food
Identify new geographic and economic opportunities for compost facilities and food recycling hubs
3) Connect, motivate, and energize the community to recycle food both individually and collectively 

Identify the groups/ organizations that community members can connect with to recycle food
Host meetings every two months that will connect and update the local community to current events in food recycling 
Aid existing organizations in their endeavors to recycle and redistribute food  


The next Food Waste and Recovery Working Group meeting will be held on April 15 from 1PM-2PM.

Interested in joining this group? Let us know.

Food Waste and Recovery resources can be found by clicking here.

Our work is made possible by the generous support of the W.K. Kellogg Foundation and the Humana Foundation.