New Orleans prides itself on our wonderful food and food culture. FPAC recognizes the importance and economic development that food business brings and works to support entrepreneurs through technical assistance around policies, licensing, and taxes; market and kitchen connections; and advocacy for sound policies governing food businesses. A result of our work in business development is the Healthy Corner Store Collaborative’s Good 2 Go Initiative. 

Business Development working group: identifies strategies to increase access to economic opportunity and support business development and mentorship for marginalized groups.

(1) Support and incentivize development/investment in infrastructure such as:

      (a) Commercial Kitchens (prioritizing commercial kitchens with business development support and affordable rental rates)

      (b) Food hub/other forms of local food aggregation

(2) Access to Capital and Business Development Support/Mentorship:

     (a) Encourage a continuation of Fresh Food Retail Initiative (FFRI) programming as well as an expansion of who can access funds (to include alternative distribution models such as farmers markets/mobile markets) and transparency around the usage of these funds and their impact

     (b) Support the development of a local Good Food Purchasing Program providing incentives for institutional purchasing, value chain coordination, and business support for food businesses interested in selling to a large purchaser.

(3) Regulatory Barriers

     (a) Research, identify and address regulatory barriers for food businesses

(4) Will advocate with the City of New Orleans and other local actors to incentivize cooperative business development and overall cooperation across the food system. Incentives and support by the City of New Orleans shall be through programming, policy, or technical assistance, as well as by leveraging nancial resources for these cooperative ventures.

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Our work is made possible by the generous support of the W.K. Kellogg Foundation and the Humana Foundation.