Sep 6, 2019

Growing Local Collaborative selected for Inaugural Gamechangers Lab

The Refresh Food Collaborative, a five-organization project consisted of New Orleans Food Policy Advisory Committee, SPROUT NOLA, Recirculating Farms Coalition, and Top Box Foods Louisiana and Liberty's Kitchen, has been selected for the Inaugural co-hort of the Gamechangers Laboratory, a 6-month creative journey with the Wallace Center at Winrock International to design new strategies for tackling food insecurity through community-based food systems.

RFC was chosen through a competitive application process with food collaboratives nationwide, alongside 2 other teams wrestling with food access dilemmas, and will be given 6 months of intensive technical assistance through a 6 phase design process that will enable the teams to design new strategies for tackling food insecurity through community-based food systems. 

"The Gamechangers Laboratory aims to catalyze breakthrough ideas, new approaches, and innovations for building community food security through community-based food systems. At the end of the six-month design journey, teams will present their game-changing ideas and their collective learning to a national audience and a group of potential funders at the 2020 National Good Food Network Conference, March 10-13, in New Orleans, Louisiana."

About the Refresh Food Collaborative:

Despite successful collaborations and partnerships across organizations operating along different points of the food value chain – from farmer support and youth development to distribution and policy – many New Orleans’ communities continue to lack access to healthy, affordable, culturally relevant food, and small farmers continue to operate on a shoestring. The ReFresh Food Collaborative is a five-member, five-organization team representing TopBox Foods, Liberty’s Kitchen, Recirculating Farms Coalition, SPROUT NOLA, and New Orleans Food Policy Advisory Committee—organizations with a rich history of collaboration, deep roots in community, and dedication and passion for creating an equitable and sustainable community-based food system who are eager to take their existing collaborations to the next level. The Gamechangers Lab will support them as they seek to leverage and strategically align their organizations’ unique strengths, resources, programs and infrastructure to support and build a community-based food system from farm to fork. 

Thank you to the Wallace Center for this unique and exciting opportunity

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