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Oct 31, 2019 | Category: Happenings

FPAC November 2019 Meeting Agenda

(2:00-2:10 PM)

Welcome and Introductions Get to know the staff, members and partners  
Thank you to My House Social for hosting the meeting! 

(2:10-2:30 PM)

Items to review prior to meeting (optional):

FPAC Advocacy Guide is out! On the website and could give printed copies if needed. Let Brynn or Elisa know. 

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Sep 4, 2019 | Category: Happenings

FPAC September Meeting


Sep 3, 2019 | Category: Happenings

Louisiana Sustainable Agriculture Working Group conference in New Orleans



The conference is a gathering of those growing, supporting, eating, and leading the sustainable food and farming movement in Louisiana. Join us to learn, share, grow, and strengthen our statewide and regional network(s). Conference sessions are both attendee and expert driven and will provide an opportunity to l…

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Jan 15, 2019 | Category: Happenings

FPAC General Meeting 1.17.19

FPAC meetings are open to the public and all are welcome and encouraged to attend.  


  • Welcome and Introductions
  •  Working Group Updates
    • Food Production
    • Food Access
    • Business Development
  • Council updates
  • Legislative updates
    • What does the government shutdown mean for food? 
  • Announcements


May 30, 2018 | Category: Happenings

Courageous Conversations Highlight Local Food Work, Present Challenges for Discussion

The Courageous Conversation series of the 2018 Eat Local Challenge highlights local work to address and improve upon food access--with a trajectory toward local and healthy food--in New Orleans. Courageous Conversations bring to light the often-hidden challenges and opportunities in the New Orleans Food System and encourage us as local food-eaters to advocate for local food not only at our own tables, but for our neighborho…

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