In order to have a healthy food system, we must first have healthy food! FPAC has been supporting and helping growers through recommendations for land use, transparent land acquisition policies, and urban agriculture in the New Orleans Master Plan and Comprehensive Zoning Ordinance amendment process, as well as connecting farmers with new markets through FPAC’s network and beyond.

Currently we are preparing to work on connecting growers to institutional sales through technical assistance around growing to scale, food safety, certifications, and business planning, as well as making plain language information available on current and changing policies around food production. We are also working to advocate for increased support for fruit and vegetable production in the 2018 Farm Bill.

Food Production Working Group Priorities: Support local farmers, fishers, ranchers, and other producers by identifying strategies to expand growing food production, market opportunities and processing infrastructure.


Support infrastructure for urban farms and community gardens in New Orleans by

(a) Increasing access to land, and stability of land acquisition

(b) Identifying and changing laws that hinder simple processing, packaging, and selling of produce on growing site

(c) promoting investment in urban agriculture for stormwater management (along the lines of urban agriculture being relevant to overall water management strategy for NOLA)

(d) promoting city support for municipal water line installation and utility costs.

(2) Uphold and improve farm protections such as Louisiana right-to-farm laws and the proposed (2016) Urban Farm Bill by

(a) guiding local, state, and federal lawmakers to remove barriers to producing and providing food in the New Orleans area

(b) by informing food producers of their legal latitude to pursue agriculture.

(3) Engage city, state, and federal policy makers in drafting and approving legislation that promotes local food production.

Food Production News

Mar 29, 2018

Growing Green in New Orleans - Amend the New Orleans CZO to Help Urban Farmers

Asti gave a fantastic presentation at our last FPAC meeting, which you can find here. Included are ways for you to get involved.  Urban Ag is a great use of space, can help with water management and allows people to grow more f…

Nov 29, 2017

Building a Future with Farmers: National Young Farmers Coalition report

From the National Young Farmers Coalition website: According to the 2017 National Young Farmer Survey, America’s new generation of young farmers expect to overcome major barriers to their success in agriculture, including access t…


The next Food Production Working Group meeting will be held in April.

Notes from the last meeting can be viewed by clicking here.

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