New Orleans Food Policy Advisory Committee


May 30, 2018

Courageous Conversations Highlight Local Food Work, Present Challenges for Discussion

New Orleans Food Policy Advisory Committee will host the Courageous Conversation series as part of the New Orleans Eat Local Challenge, June 2018.

The Courageous Conversation series of the 2018 Eat Local Challenge highlights local work to address and improve upon food access--with a trajectory toward local and healthy food--in New Orleans. Courageous Conversations bring to light the often-hidden challenges and opportunities in the New Orleans Food System and encourage us as local food-eaters to advocate for local food not only at our own tables, but for our neighborhoods and our unique, food-loving and food-producing region.

Conversations focus on food access from several angles. Two talks will focus on the framework that gets food to our tables; the first (June 12th) specifically brings light to food pantries and efforts to shift to local, fresh foods for health and community betterment; the second (June 28th) explains how local food can, and increasingly does, make it into New Orleans schools, offices, and our own tables via markets and grocers through collaboration and innovation. A mid-morning conversation (June 14th) with author, activist, and humanitarian Happy Johnson will explore the intersection of water management and its effects on agriculture, food, equity, and community. Several urban farmers will gather (June 27th) to shed light on local urban farming challenges and opportunities from their experience growing food in the city.


 This series receives sponsorship through the Heartfelt Gratitude Sponsorship Level, reserved for the organization(s) that helps New Orleans Food Policy Advisory Committee in programming its Courageous Conversation series during Eat Local Challenge month. These conversations are a forum for courageous individuals to share how and why they work towards healthy, local food availability for all New Orleanians. The Heartfelt Gratitude Sponsor(s) invest in this programming so that a broad audience can hear stories and be encouraged to support healthy, local food access work that causes permanent positive changes to individual lives and communities' spirit. Our 2018 Heartfelt Gratitude Sponsor is The American Heart Association.